Simplifying the way shippers, carriers, and brokers connect

Ditch having information scattered in dozens of emails, hundreds of WhatsApp, your endless spreadsheets, or even by fax. Managing freight services under pressure is tough enough.

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Why the Tennders Box?

  • computerStreamline your logistics with our all-in-one platform
  • placeholderSimplify communication, negotiation and data management in one place
  • networkCentralise the information flow
  • settingsDifferent tools for optimised negotiation
  • statisticsQuality tools and data reporting

Network, visibility and capacity

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Freight Procurement

  • ✓  Negotiate with all your providers at the same time
  • ✓  Get more visibility on the market rates
  • ✓  Avoid unnecessary emails
  • ✓  Save time on the negotiation process

Network Management

  • ✓  Historic of all your transactions
  • ✓  Get reports of your network transactions
  • ✓  Manage your network efficiently
  • ✓  Group your providers

Quality Control

  • ✓  Achieve greater information control
  • ✓  Verify the veracity of your transaction information
  • ✓  Consolidate all data and don't waste time
  • ✓  Avoid mistakes with double verifications
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