We connect shippers, carriers, and brokers to create a win-win for everyone

Why us?

Creating a personalised and sustainable approach for your transport business.

Tennders allows you to manage procurements in your way, helps you find business partners and provides you with valuable insights.

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Our vision is to accelerate the transition to planet friendly logistics

We are on the way to reducing the sector's carbon footprint and making road transport more sustainable.

Tennders makes it possible to keep fewer empty trucks on the road and to avoid unnecessary kilometres by digitising logistics and optimising processes.

Committed to the Fit for 55 objectives following EU legislation together with strategic partners.

Besides the environmental point, we want to help the industry experience a more sustainable recruitment of talent over time. Traditional, unbending, and chaotic working models will improve thanks to the industry's transition to digitalisation.

Our mission is to provide the best balance between technology and people to create efficient supply chains

Technology optimises the work, but people's talents are among the core drivers of sustainable, long-term economic growth.

Therefore, we focus on empowering teams with digital tools to achieve greater profitability and sustainability.

We believe in




Connect with the other stakeholders of the industry, knowing with whom you are negotiating with at all times

Simplified negotiation process, automation, and an user friendly interface

Access hundreds of vetted contacts updated regularly

Where we came from?

Tennders was born out of a deep conviction that the transport sector needs to change

Tennders was born out of our experience in the logistics sector. Several of the founders have worked in transport as intermediaries and so they realised that there was another way of doing things.

They believe it is possible for people to have more flexibility and for companies to adapt to the new generation of talent coming into the labour market.

The transport sector loses a significant amount of talent when its professionals, many in their 30s and younger, leave the industry because they are burnt out. Transport brokerage work is very intense, so there is a huge loss of talent and a significant destruction of value.

In this sense, with Tennders we have found a digital way of doing things, where people can act more freely and flexibly, with higher incentives thanks, above all, to technology.

In any case, we must never forget that this industry is based on people, which is why digitalisation has not been as important as it should be. The transition has to be gradual and we must accompany all actors in the sector towards a more sustainable model.

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Awarded with the Innovative SME from the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovation

Financiado por ENISA from the Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo

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