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The new digital push to take you into the future

Tennders used in a tablet

Tennders is a Freight Network focused on the road transport market in Europe

The best trade off between human touch and technology.

Tennders used in a laptop
Tennders used in a tablet
Tennders used in a laptop

Discover Our Platform

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We are a team of experts

With +60 years of combined logistics experience in road transport we believe that the transition to digital is a must.
In Tennders we start where you are.

Trucks all over Europe to cover your spot needs

Germany · United Kingdom · France · Italy · Spain · Ukraine · Poland · Romania · Netherlands · Belgium · Czech Republic · Greece · Portugal · Sweden · Hungary · Belarus · Austria · Serbia · Switzerland · Bulgaria · Denmark · Finland · Slovakia · Norway · Croatia · Albania · Lithuania · North Macedonia · Slovenia · Latvia · Estonia · Montenegro · Luxembourg · Andorra · Monaco · Liechtenstein · San Marino

Same day - Next day

We are ready for urgent pick ups

Move your spots now

What are we facing in today’s cargo industry.


European truck
drivers’ shortage


Manual tasks that can
be automated


Reduction of greenhouse
gases by 2030 (EU)

To deal with this, our mission is to increase the visibility of digital and sustainable opportunities in the European land freight market

What are the key solutions our digital platform offers

Rating stars

Behavioural rating

A rating system between companies, to build trust on transactions inside the platform

Rating stars

Quick Pay

A quick payment system for trusted subscribers, that have a proven track record on both delivery and payment terms

A T-Rex

Mini Tennders

A team of expert brokers available and focused on solving difficult and urgent in a personalised fashion

Statistics charts

Pricing analytics

Market analysis and instant pricing suggestions based on past transactions data, from ours and external databases

Closed cycle


Tap into our carrier network and we commit to get your truck to it's destination on time

Shinning light


Find the right partner for you, in our extensive network of carriers and shippers. Seemlessly book your loads

We believe in


Access hundreds of vetted contacts updated regularly.


Simplified negotiation process, automation, and an user friendly interface.


Connect with the other stakeholders of the industry, knowing with whom you are negotiating with at all times.

We work for every part of the chain


Find shipments where your trucks are.


Find the best carriers for your shipment.


Trucks and shipments whenever you need.

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